Publicity Garbed as Awareness, Police Should Take Strict Action Against Poonam Pandey: MLC Satyajeet Tambe

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Pune, 3rd February 2024: The news of Poonam Pandey’s death ultimately proved to be a publicity stunt. The phenomenon raises many basic questions. The first of them was the way the news was garbed as awareness. The news of an influencer/model dying of cervical cancer cannot be a means to spread awareness about the disease. The entire episode takes away the serious nature of Cervical Cancer and diverts the attention entirely to the influencer. The actor has pulled a prank on the cancer survivors rather than raising awareness. Another problem is how the drama was reported and picked up by news agencies without verifying facts. Media was being used to further their agenda through unfair means.


Misusing the influence to draw media attention just for publicity is offensive and bad taste in more ways than one. Mumbai Police should take action against Poonam Pandey and serve as an example for those promoting their identity by such means under Section 195 (1) of Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita 2023 since Pandey “…made or published false or misleading information jeopardising the sovereignty unity and integrity.”