Pune – 1.13 lakh people caught without rail tickets

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10 JAN 2019, Pune – Comprehensive ticket inquiry campaigns are being conducted in the Pune railway division’s Pune-Malavli, Pune-Baramati, Pune-Miraj and Miraj-Kolhapur sections. During the nine-month period of April to December 2018, during the ticket check, a total amount of 12 crores 20 lakh rupees was collected as a fine in 2 lakh 50 thousand cases. One lakh 13 thousand of them have been found traveling without ticket, and from them fine of Rs 6.24 crores was collected.

Under the guidance of Pune DRM Milind Deouskar and additional DRM Praful Chandra, senior division commerce manager Krishnath Patil led the team of ticket inspectors and railway protection force.

This type of ticket checking is being done on a regular basis by the Railway administration.
“Travelers are requested that they should travel only with valid tickets during the journey, otherwise they will be fined a minimum penalty of Rs 250 along with actual ticket charges and actual fare in the case of irregular travel and the same fines as without ticket being stamped under the Railway Act. Do not carry luggage over weight of fixed luggage, otherwise passengers will have to pay a fine six times. In the event of not filling the fine, prison sentence can also be done. In the case of overweight, the facility of booking parcel and luggage can be booked from the stations, from where it is available”, railway officials said.