Pune: 13-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Private Pool at Wadgaon Sheri Gym

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Wadgaon Sheri, 17th April 2024: A 13-year-old boy, Atiq Nadeem Tamboli, drowned in a private swimming pool in the Wadgaon Sheri area on Tuesday (16th April), leading to his death. The incident occurred at the Khalsa Gym, where the pool is located, and his relatives have claimed that there was no lifeguard present in the swimming pool area when the accident happened. Atiq was a resident of Ganesh Nagar in Wadgaon Sheri and was in the eighth grade at a school in the area.

Atiq and his friends had gone swimming in the pool on Tuesday afternoon. During their swim, Atiq experienced exhaustion and drowned. His friends, upon realizing what had happened, raised an alarm, prompting other individuals at the gym to pull him out of the pool. He was immediately taken to a private hospital, but doctors confirmed he had died before receiving treatment.

The Chandan Nagar police station began filing a case late into the night concerning the incident. Atiq’s relatives have raised concerns over the absence of a lifeguard at the swimming pool. They mentioned that Atiq had learned to swim a few months prior.