Pune: 15-Year-Old Girl Plots Her Kidnapping, Demands Rs 5 Lakh Ransom From Her Own Family

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Pune, 12th November 2021: A 15-year-old girl ran away from the house due to ongoing issues within the family and demanded a ransom of Rs 5 lakh from her family, Shikrapur police said.

She sent a message from her mobile phone about her kidnapping. However, within six hours of receiving the complaint, Shikrapur police uncovered and resolved the case.

According to Shikrapur police, a family from Chhapra (Bihar) had come with a complaint that their daughter had been kidnapped. The message was to pay Rs 5 lakh immediately or to forget your daughter.

After filing a complaint of abduction, Inspector Hemant Shedge informed the District Superintendent of Police Dr Abhinav Deshmukh. Meanwhile, as the mobile of the concerned minor girl was still on, the case was sent directly to the technical team.

Deshmukh directly informed the Superintendent of Police of that area in Bihar and kept in touch with the Inspector of the concerned police station and Inspector Hemant Shedge.

Shortly after the girl got off the Pune-Chhapra train, she was detained by the Bihar police and handed over to the Shikrapur police, who reached Bihar three days later. Meanwhile, the girl was safely handed over to her parents on Wednesday. Shedge said that Shikrapur police had also decided to provide psychological counseling to the entire family as the girl was a minor.

Meanwhile, after going into the depths of the whole matter, Shedge pointed out that the girl was disturbed by the behaviour of the girl’s family towards each other at home, the mental health of the family, and the addictions of some family members. She finally decided to go directly to her native village through anonymous contact and, thinking of her future, demanded Rs 5 lakh from her own family as she was abducted.

The investigation was carried under the supervision of District Superintendent of Police Dr Abhinav Deshmukh, Additional Superintendent of Police Milind Mohite, Deputy Superintendent Rahul Dhas.

The team included Inspector Hemant Shedge, Sub-Inspector Amol Khatavkar, and policemen Vikas Patil, Kiran Nikam, Amol Chitare, VS Shivankar.