Pune: 15-Year-Old Launches Book At Deccan Literature Festival 2022, Youngest To Do So

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Pune, 27th November 2022: The Deccan Literature Festival is being organised by Dakani Adab Foundation in the last two days in Pune city as its third edition.


The tri-lingual literary festival includes poetry recitals, theatre acts, open mic sessions, musical performances, and book readings.


In the section of the book launch on 27th November, four amazing authors were having their book launched and discussed it openly.


The authors were Tejaswini Divya Naik, Dhiraj Singh, Urmi Rumi, and Mokshada Choudhary. They participated in a panel discussion with host RJ Tarun.




Mokshada started writing at the age of 13 during the lockdown. She inculcated the habit of writing daily, which turned into poems a little later. She took her inspiration from her favourite author Dan Brown and started writing. It was easy to write as she was used to reading, it couldn’t create much of a difference. She co-authored two books during the pandemic – The women who have not bound my stereotypes and The heart says it all. Her self-authored poetry book is called ‘The Musings of Chimera’. This book is loaded with randomness as the topics are not led by any themes. This book is a compilation of her written poems. The poems are guided by her sketches which she illustrated while writing. They help us to understand the poem in a much better way. Waiting for her next work would be worthwhile as reading this one was absolute bliss.




As Mokshada said, “This wonderful experience and having my book launched in the Deccan Literature Festival 2022 sure made me overwhelmed with so many great authors by my side. With the advice and the talks I received, I would surely use them for my next work. It was a great opportunity to be with all the learned dignitaries and have learned from their maturity. I learned a ton of things! By writing this book, I just want to send a message to everyone out there who wants to start writing or is willing to write. Just start writing, no matter what, and don’t let things stop you. Just Write!”