Pune: 182 Injured Birds Find Refuge at RESQ TTC After Devastating Storm

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Baramati/Pune, 25th May 2024: In the aftermath of a ferocious storm that ravaged the Someshwar sugar factory area, 182 critically injured birds have found sanctuary at the RESQ Wildlife Treatment and Transit Centre (TTC), Bavdhan. The incident took place on Thursday night.

The relentless winds and torrential rain wreaked havoc, uprooting trees and leaving a trail of destruction, while countless avian creatures were left wounded or displaced. Among the injured were 146 rose-ringed parakeets, 30 Baya weavers (sugran), two Cattle egrets (Bagda), one purple sunbird, one Brahminy kite, and two painted storks.

Neha Panchamiya, founder of RESQ TTC, said, “Despite the chaos, the dedicated team at RESQ worked tirelessly throughout the night, undertaking daring rescue missions and administering urgent medical care to the surviving birds.”

Nachiket Utpat, director of wildlife conservation at RESQ, stated, “After treatment, they will be released into their natural habitat following medical tests to assess their ability to eat and fly. Only after passing a fitness test will they be released.”