Pune: 2 Deers And 1 Sambar Deer Missing From Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Katraj
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Pune, 13th September 2022: Heavy rains on Sunday (September 11) evening damaged the security wall of the Sambar deer/Rusa Unicolor of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. There was a big crack in this wall due to heavy rain and it has come to light that two deer and one sambar deer have gone missing. This is an example of mismanagement by the administration and such incidents are happening frequently.

Two years ago, there was an incident where an Antelope died in an attack by dogs. In the past, incidents of theft of Peacocks, Peahens, Owls and Sandalwood have occurred frequently in the Zoological Park.


Due to such incidents, the issue of the safety of animals in the park has come to the fore. However, the wildlife lovers are expressing their anger that Sunday’s incident took place because the administration ignored the previous incident.


There were 32 deer and 28 sambar deer in the menagerie in the park. The management noticed that the trench had a big hole and out of 60 animals, two deer and one sambar deer were missing. Then the administration started their search. But they did not find anything till Monday (September 12) evening.

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After the wildlife lovers received information about this incident, they inquired with the zoo officials and staff. But officials told them that no such thing happened and all animals are inside the zoo. Former corporate Yuvraj Beldare has demanded action against the culprits in this regard.


“The animals are still in the zoo and have come to the attention of the staff. There are also photos of them. If you go back to look for them, they will get scared and sit somewhere else. So they are being searched as per their convenience,” said Ashok Ghorpade, Chief Park Superintendent


“The wildlife in the zoo hasn’t gone anywhere. They are in the zoo and there is no reason to worry. The wall of the moat was old and had fallen. It has been organized by placing steel patra there,” said Vilas Kanade, Additional Commissioner