Pune: 26,863 Residents Fined Rs 1.24 Crores Unsanitary Behaviours

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Pune, 7th December 2023: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) allocates a substantial annual budget of Rs 500 to 600 crores for city cleanliness, but recent statistics reveal a stark contrast in the level of citizen participation.

Over the last ten months, a staggering 26,863 citizens of Pune have collectively paid fines amounting to 1 crore 24 lakh 23 thousand rupees due to various unsanitary behaviours, highlighting a concerning trend in the city’s civic responsibility.

Annually, PMC invests 500 to 600 crores in maintaining the cleanliness of Pune. Despite this financial commitment, the burden of upholding sanitation is being shared inadequately by the residents, leading to an increase in fines for violations.

Compared to leading cities like Indore, which enforces fines of 12 to 15 lakhs annually, Pune lags in citizen participation. The meagre amount collected from penalties and the relatively low number of prosecuted citizens indicate a need for increased awareness and commitment to cleanliness among Pune’s residents.

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Various unsanitary behaviours, including spitting, urinating in public places, littering, burning garbage, improper waste disposal, and selling banned plastic, have resulted in penalties. The fines collected from the 26,863 individuals include:

– Uncleanliness in Public Places: 69 lakh rupees
– Construction Works: 11 lakh 19 thousand
– Spitting in Public Places: 10 lakhs
– Non-Segregation of Waste: 3 lakh 52 thousand
– Waste Burning: 4 lakh 12 thousand
– Other Offenses: 25 lakhs

Health inspectors from the regional office of PMC have been instrumental in implementing these penalties. The actions taken against citizens from January 1, 2023, to November 30, 2023, underscore the city’s commitment to cracking down on unsanitary behaviours and fostering a cleaner, healthier environment.