Pune: 3-year-old in Pune gets call from ‘Uddhav Kaka’

CM Uddhav Thackeray speaks to Pune girl
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Shikha Chaurasia

Vishrantwadi, June 9, 2020: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray contacted a three-year-old girl, Anshika Shinde alias Cherry over a phone call after she was lovingly reprimanded by her parents for violating the rules of social distancing. This video went viral on social media, and soon reached the office of the CM.

In the video, Cherry could be seen insisting paying money to the milkman herself, while her mother was trying to stop her from doing so, to follow social distancing. Anshika’s mother Kanchan Shinde said to her in the video that if she touches the notes again while giving money, she will tell ‘Uddhav kaka’ (uncle) about it.

When Thackeray saw the video, he called the girl’s father Amol Shinde, a resident of Vishrantwadi, on Sunday afternoon. The family was pleasantly surprised. In the phone recording, Thackeray could be heard talking with the girl’s father and saying, “I came to know that you are scolding Anshika with my name.” Later, while speaking with Anshika, the CM told her that she can contact him and tell him if her parents scold her again. Anshika’s mother told the CM that Anshika is very fond of him to which he replied, “Anshika, tell your mother and father that you will be a good girl and listen to them, but if they scold you again, tell me about it.”