Pune: 36 Families Evacuated After Landslide Threatens Unauthorized Buildings

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Ambegaon, 5th June 2024: Heavy rains led to a landslide at an unauthorized construction site yesterday, causing significant damage and prompting emergency evacuations. The landslide occurred in the compound of an unauthorized building in Ambegaon Budruk, collapsing into the parking lot of Nirman Viva Society and exposing the structural columns of two unauthorized buildings perched precariously on the edge of Ambegaon Pathar, a 50-60 foot high plateau.

The exposed columns have compromised the stability of these buildings, raising the risk of collapse and leading to the immediate evacuation of Buildings B and C in Nirman Viva, located downhill. As a precaution, 36 flat owners have taken refuge in the society’s Club House.

Urgent intervention is required to mitigate the risk of potential fatalities. Unauthorized constructions such as Mayuresh Park and Balaji Park, developed by Manoj Patil, are teetering on the brink due to allegedly faulty foundations. These buildings, situated on the mountain ridge of Ambegaon, face imminent danger of collapsing onto Nirman Viva buildings, separated by only a 10 to 15-foot gap. Stone debris from the unauthorized buildings’ compound has already littered Nirman Viva’s parking lot.

Concerns have been raised about Nirman Developers who are reported to have constructed buildings near the mountain without securing the area with a proper retaining wall, thus exacerbating the hazard.

Nirman Viva Society in Ambegaon is home to 36 families who are now grappling with the threat posed by these unauthorized constructions.