Pune: 4-Year-Old Boy Falls from Rickshaw in Khandala Ghat, Rescued After 80 Km Journey

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Khalapur, 1st February 2024: On Sunday (28th January), a 4-year-old boy named Nikhil Kale fell from a rickshaw traversing through the roads of Khandala Ghat. The incident, unbeknownst to his parents, occurred at approximately 6:30 am during their journey from Shri Mandhardevi Kalubai Mandir to Thane. It was only after covering a staggering distance of 80 km that the parents realized their son was missing.

Nikhil had accompanied his parents to Shri Mandhardevi Kalubai Mandir for darshan, and it was during the descent through a bend in Khandala Ghat that he fell from the moving rickshaw. Unfortunately, the mishap went unnoticed by those accompanying him. Laxman Jadhav, the driver of a truck travelling from behind, observed the child in the ghat. Promptly stopping the truck, Jadhav approached Nikhil, who, overwhelmed by fear, could not articulate the circumstances of his predicament.

Taking swift action, Jadhav transported the child to the Khopoli Police Station. Simultaneously, the Khopoli Police initiated efforts to circulate messages and photographs of Nikhil on social media platforms. Meanwhile, unaware of the situation, Nikhil’s parents had reached Thane and commenced their search for their missing son. Owing to the dissemination of information on social media, they learned about Nikhil’s presence at the Khopoli Police Station.

The relieved parents rushed to Khopoli to reunite with their son. The timely response of truck driver Laxman Jadhav has garnered commendation from both parents and Khopoli Police.