Pune: 49 Bars And Pubs Sealed Amidst Investigation Into Fatal Porsche Crash

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Reported by Sumit Singh & Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 24th May 2024: In the wake of the fatal Porsche car accident in Kalyani Nagar last Sunday, which claimed the lives of two IT professionals, the state excise department has initiated a stringent crackdown on bars and pubs for violating various regulations, including serving liquor to minors, selling liquor in unauthorized places, and not maintaining proper records among others.

As part of the crackdown, 32 licenses of pubs and bars were suspended by Thursday. Today, District Collector Dr. Suhas Diwase ordered the suspension of an additional 17 licenses. In total, 49 pubs and bars have been ordered to remain closed until further notice. The State Excise Department is currently in the process of sealing these establishments, informed Sujit Patil, deputy superintendent, Pune excise department.

The crackdown comes after it was revealed that a minor, who was allegedly served alcohol at two pubs—Cosie and Blak Club—was driving a Porsche at over 160 km per hour when the accident occurred. The incident has prompted a broader investigation into compliance with excise regulations across the city.

“We are taking strict action against establishments violating excise laws,” said Dr. Suhas Diwas