Pune: 5-Year-Old Girl Enters World Record India Book For Her Unique Memory

presha khemani
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Pune, December 22, 2020: A five-year-old Presha Bharat Khemani from Pune has been registered in World Record India Book for possessing unique intelligence. On the basis of her brilliant intelligence, she surprised everyone at a young age.

Presha has won the title of the ‘Youngest Kid to Identify Flags and Country Names’ within minimum time. She has been awarded the above award by World Record India. Presha can tell the names of 150 flags in 4.17 minutes.

Khemani family hails from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. They are staying in Pune for the last six years. Presha is a student of upper KG at Sanskriti school in Bhukum.

Sangeeta Khemani, Presha’s mother, said, “Presha is a beautiful gift from God for us. She had an interest in geography and global studies since childhood. Our family friends had gifted Presha a world book during the lockdown. She used to ask me the names of the countries after seeing the flags and whenever she was asked the countries name by pointing to the flag, she told it immediately without forgetting. We were surprised by seeing her brilliant intelligence. By seeing flags she immediately named its countries and their capitals.”

Presha’s father Bharat Khemani, who is a chartered accountant (CA), added, “We realised she had unique intelligence. Therefore, with help from her school, we gave her name to the World Record India Book. She won a gold medal for naming 150 countries and their capitals by seeing their flags in just 4.17 minutes.”

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