Pune: 60-Days Restrictions Imposed On Tourist Visits To Madhe Ghat Waterfall For Rapling In Velhe Taluka

Pune: 60-Days Restrictions Imposed On Tourist Visits To Madhe Ghat Waterfall In Velhe Taluka 
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Sumit Singh

Pune, 20th July 2023: In a bid to ensure the safety of tourists and prevent potential accidents, the Bhor Sub-Divisional Officer Rajendra Kachare, has issued a preventive order restricting access to the Madhe Ghat waterfall with help of ropes. The waterfall is located in the Kelda-Bhordi village of Velha taluka in Pune district.

The picturesque Madhe Ghat, known for its breathtaking waterfalls, attracts numerous tourists during the monsoon season. However, due to the ongoing heavy rains and increased water flow, certain organizations and event organizers have been facilitating tourist visits to the lower part of the waterfall, about 200 to 300 feet deep.

As a safety measure, the authorities have imposed a 60-day ban on such activities. This decision comes in response to concerns over potential accidents and loss of life that could occur in the turbulent waters of the waterfall.

“We cannot overlook the risks posed by the current conditions at Madhe Ghat. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors and prevent any mishaps,” said Kachare.

The order strictly warns all organizations and participants to comply with the prohibition. Failure to adhere to the order will result in legal action under relevant laws, including the Indian Penal Code Section 188, the Disaster Management Act 2005, and the Forest Act.

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