Pune: 60,000 litres of craft beer to be thrown in nullah

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Pune, May 18, 2020: About 60,000 litres of craft beer produced in 16 microbreweries in Pune district will have to be thrown away. It is being speculated that this ready-made beer will have to be thrown away as the lockdown has increased.

Craft beer lasts for a very short time, so the decision to drain the beer has to be taken as there is a possibility of spoilage of the beer that has been lying in the factories for the last several months. Rujuta Parekh from Times of India has reported about it.

Craft beer is a beer that is made using small quantities and minimal machines without producing large quantities of beer. If the beer is not consumed within a few months of brewing, it will go bad. If this beer is not consumed in time, its taste, aroma and texture will change drastically and it will not be suitable for consumption.

Nakul Bhosale, president of the Craft Brewers Association of India, Maharashtra chapter, said that although the sale of liquor has started, it is not benefiting craft beer makers. “Even though the sale of alcohol has started, we do not see any benefit from it. Considering the different hotels, bars and restaurants, there is no clear picture for craft beer till the end of 2020, ”said Bhosale.

The microbrewery in Karnataka has started selling beer directly as a solution to this, with up to two litres of beer being sold directly to consumers. The decision has been made to end the stock. According to the Economic Times, the excise department in Karnataka has lifted restrictions on the sale of craft beer. It is reported that the craft beer makers have decided to relax the restrictions in view of the losses incurred on the backdrop of Coronavirus outbreak.

“Industries like craft beer, which produces less beer, have been hit hard by the overall lockdown,” he said. So lifting restrictions on beer sales has benefited us. We are currently striving to sustain this industry. The decision taken by the government has improved the situation, ”said Gaurav Sika, president of the Craft Brewers Association in Bangalore.

In April, thousands of litres of beer were thrown into the drain from microbreweries in Delhi-NCR. As many as 1 lakh litres of fresh beer was thrown in the NCR till the last week of April. This beer was lying in the plant and wasn’t even filled in the bottles. The beer was costing more than its production to save it from spoiling. Therefore, it was decided to release the beer in the nullah.