Pune: 65-Year-Old Man Kidnapped and Brutally Beaten To Death By Fake Policemen

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Talegaon, 3rd November 2023: In a disturbing incident that took place on Tuesday (31st), a 65-year-old man was abducted and brutally beaten to death by individuals claiming to be police officers.


The incident occurred in the areas of Talegaon Dabhade, Chinchwad, and Takve, resulting in the prompt arrest of two suspects by Talegaon Dabhade police. Investigations by the police have revealed that the motive behind this tragic murder was rooted in financial reasons.


The victim has been identified as Shrikrishna Uddhavarao Takle, aged 65, while the arrested persons are Shivaji Rajaram Garud, 65, from Takve, and Anil Shivlinga Koli, 45, from Talegaon Dabhade. The case was reported to the Talegaon Dabhade police by Kiran Shankar Khollam, aged 48, a resident of Talegaon Dabhade.


According to the police, the deceased, Takle, happened to be the father-in-law of the complainant, Khollam. While Takle was at Khollam’s residence, the accused individuals forcibly entered the house, posing as police officers. They then coerced Takle into a vehicle, claiming to be taking him into custody. However, their true intentions became clear as they transported Takle to the house of Garud’s daughter in Chinchwad. There, he was subjected to a brutal beating with a belt over financial matters.


Subsequently, the kidnappers transported Takle to Takve, where he faced another severe assault that tragically resulted in his death.


The Talegaon Dabhade police are currently conducting further investigations into this case.