Pune: Aam Aadmi Party Raises Concerns Over PMC’s Dialysis Service Charges

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pune, 25th January 2024: The closure of the dialysis facility at PMC’s Kamala Nehru Hospital and the subsequent initiation of a new tender process have raised concerns, particularly with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) expressing strong opposition to the move.

Last month, PMC’s Kamla Nehru Hospital terminated its contract with the Lions Club Of Poona Mukund Nagar Charitable Trust, which had been providing dialysis services at a subsidized rate of Rs 950 under the Urban Poor Health Scheme. The Health Department’s decision to cancel the contract has led to the discontinuation of the dialysis facility, causing distress among patients.

Mukund Kirdat, representing the AAP, has voiced strong objections to the closure of the Lions Club’s dialysis service. Kirdat argues that the new tender process initiated by PMC, which proposes a service cost of Rs 1500, is an unnecessary expenditure of public money. He contends that the existing service, available at Rs 950, should be reinstated, avoiding any inconvenience to the public.

Kirdat alleges that instead of renegotiating with the Lions Club to reinstate the dialysis service, the administration is arbitrarily shutting down the not-for-profit service, which has been serving the community for the past seven to eight years.

The Lions Club Of Poona Mukund Nagar Charitable Trust, a charitable organization, had invested capital of Rs two crores in the dialysis centre. The AAP questions the fairness of cancelling the contract when the Lions Club has not received sufficient returns within the expected timeframe.

The AAP has submitted a statement to PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar, proposing the conditional reinstatement of the Lions Club’s dialysis service. They argue that discontinuing a cost-effective service, which is already meeting the current requirements, and opting for a new service at a higher rate is not in the public interest.

Key Demands By AAP:
1. Maintain Existing Dialysis Service: Reinstate the dialysis service provided by the Lions Club at the agreed-upon rate of Rs 950.
2. Efficient Financial Settlement: Ensure timely financial settlements for NGO-run facilities to allow for efficient operation.
3. Flexible Service Contracts: Allow NGOs to provide paid services to patients beyond the Urban Garib Yojana without entering into long-term 28-year contracts.
4. Conditional Continuation: Take dialysis services from the previous supplier on a conditional basis, avoiding inconvenience to the public.