Pune: Accused in Fatal Porsche Accident Claims Memory Lapse, Mother Uncooperative

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Pune, 2nd June 2024: In the aftermath of the tragic Kalyani Nagar accident that claimed the lives of two youths, the minor accused and his mother, Shivani Agarwal, have refused to cooperate with police inquiries. The accident occurred when the minor, driving a luxury Porsche at high speed, collided with a motorcycle.


On Saturday, the Crime Branch team interrogated the minor before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) at Yerwada. Despite the presence of child protection officers and his mother, the minor failed to provide clear details of the incident, repeatedly claiming he could not remember.


The police had sought permission from the JJB to question the minor in the presence of his parents. Following approval, Shivani Agarwal was brought in for questioning. The police probed her about various aspects of the case, including the events leading up to the accident, potential tampering with evidence, and the accuracy of blood sample records.


Despite extensive questioning, both the minor and his mother were uncooperative. Police officials said that the minor gave vague answers and did not recall specifics about the accident, while Shivani Agarwal’s responses were evasive.