Pune: Activist Lalwani Ends 10-Day Fast Supporting Ladakh’s Rights

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Pune, 28th March 2024: Sonam Wangchuk, the renowned education reformer, innovator, and environmentalist from Ladakh and recipient of the Magsaysay award, recently embarked on a 21-day Climate Fast to advocate for the rights of the Ladakhi tribal community. His demand includes the implementation of the 6th schedule of the constitution in Ladakh, aimed at safeguarding the interests of the local population and preserving the region’s unique environment and culture.

In solidarity with Wangchuk’s cause, various groups across India, including the Friends of Ladakh, organized fasting events. Members of the Pune chapter of Friends of Ladakh observed a one-day fast on March 17th. Santosh Lalwani, a prominent figure in the movement, decided to extend his support by fasting for a total of 10 days, matching the duration of Wangchuk’s fast.

Following Wangchuk’s conclusion of his 21-day Climate Fast, Lalwani also ended his fast. The culmination of his fasting endeavor took place at Vetal Tekdi in Pune, where he was joined by Ladakhi students for a symbolic conclusion to his protest.

The event saw the participation of esteemed speakers, including Vijay Paranjpye, an expert on the fragile Himalayan ecosystem, Ashish Kothari from Vikalp Sangam, and Suniti Su. R., the National Convenor of the National Alliance for Peoples Movement (NAPM). Sonam Wangchuk himself joined the gathering via video call, commending Lalwani for his unwavering commitment during the 10-day fast.

Among the attendees were Mother Vimal Lalwani, Shripal Lalwani, Dr. Jagdish Gindodia, Dr. Sangita Gindodia, Shweta Kulkarni, Rahul Karambelkar, Pallavi Kadam, Vivek Joshi, Dinesh Malashe, Bharati Kelkar, Milind Deshmukh, Rupesh Sarode, Anuradha, Tanay, Gouri, Adit, Avani, along with Ladakhi students Noldan, Gyurmet, Jigmat, Sherap, Stobgyal, Tsering, and numerous other members of the Friends of Ladakh Pune group.

The conclusion of Lalwani’s fast marks a significant moment in the ongoing campaign for the rights and welfare of the Ladakhi community, further amplifying the voices advocating for positive change in the region.