Pune: Afghan Students Association Urgently Appeals to ICCR for Scholarships and Support Amidst Turmoil

Afghani students today protested in Pune India
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Pune, 5th August 2023: In a resounding call for assistance, the Afghan Students Association in India has fervently reached out to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to address the pressing needs of Afghan scholars amidst the tumultuous circumstances unfolding in Afghanistan.

Today, Wali Rahman Rahmani, President of the Afghan Students Association, eloquently voiced the urgent concerns of Afghan students at the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) during a press interaction.

Urgent Scholarships for Academic Year 2023-24: As the shadows of uncertainty loom large, the association urgently implores the ICCR to expedite the release of scholarships for the upcoming academic year, 2023-24. These scholarships hold profound significance, serving as a lifeline for Afghan students and an investment in their educational future.

Navigating Complexities: Visa Extensions and Exit Permit Resolution – Rahmani’s address further accentuated the critical need for visa extensions, recognizing the intricate challenges that Afghan students confront. With Afghanistan’s precarious situation, a compassionate approach towards facilitating their extended stay in India is essential. Additionally, the imminent exit permit issue demands a swift and decisive resolution to mitigate potential disruptions in their academic journey.

Advocating for Equal Educational Opportunities: In a plea for justice, the Afghan Students Association passionately advocates for equal educational opportunities, undeterred by external influences. Their appeal resounds against any politicization of education, affirming the right to unhindered pursuit of knowledge and academic growth.

Upholding Compassion and Ethical Values: The press release wholeheartedly acknowledged the unwavering support extended by the Government of India and its citizens to Afghan students. It underscores the ethical obligation to provide assistance during times of financial adversity. The ICCR is urged to stand as a beacon of compassion and solidarity, embodying India’s timeless humanitarian values.

A Collective Voice for Action: The association’s statement serves as a unified chorus of Afghan students confronting uncertainty and challenges. Initiated through the Afghanistan Embassy in Delhi, this collective plea seeks resolutions to pivotal issues impacting their educational pursuits and future prospects.

Strengthening Bonds and Upholding Humanity: Rahmani’s words reverberated with the assurance that the ICCR’s response will not only empower individuals but reinforce the enduring bond of friendship between Afghanistan and India. This appeal transcends mere scholarships and support; it strives to safeguard India’s global reputation as a compassionate nation, ever willing to extend a helping hand.

As the Afghan Students Association awaits a response from the ICCR, their plea stands as a testament to the unwavering determination and resilience of Afghan scholars in their unwavering pursuit of education amidst unprecedented adversity.