Pune Agriculture College Finds Novel Way To Beat Oil Prices Hike

Walk in Agriculture college Pune
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Pune, 26th October 2021: As the oil prices are skyrocketing, Pune Agriculture college has come up with an novel idea. It has appealed that those who will come to them with oil seeds, they will provide them the oil.

Assistant registrar Sunil Masalkar is the brain behind this idea. Those who will bring the oil seeds we will extract oil from it, said Masalkar.


He said, “2.5 kg of groundnuts extracts nearly 1 kg of oil. When we buy from market, the question regarding its quality always arises”.


“Similarly, we cannot have any control over its quality too”, he added.


A solution to this problem we came up with this idea. Under this scheme, if the consumer comes up with groundnuts, sunflower or kardai seeds we extract oil right before them.


If the person wants the remains of oilseeds then the rate of 1 kg oil will be Rs 30 while s/he keeps it back, then the rate will be Rs 15.


The college has always been implementing various schemes benefitting the citizens. It has also implemented sugarcane juice which too gained popularity. Masalkar said that the college intends to cultivate groundnuts, sunflower and kardai in the campus to execute this oil extract scheme on a large scale.