Pune: AIC Pinnacle Presents ‘Investment Conclave And Expo 2024

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Pune, 12th February 2024: AIC – Pinnacle, a leading incubator platform for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, is proud to announce its upcoming ‘Pinnacle Investment Conclave & Expo 2024’, aimed at providing a unique opportunity for startups to secure funding and showcase their innovations. The event is organized by AIC Pinnacle, Pune in association with funding partners namely ‘Arthayan’, ‘Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO, Pune)’ & JITO Incubator JIIF.

Scheduled for Friday, February 16th, 2024, this exclusive event will serve as a nexus for startups in need of capital and investors seeking promising ventures to support. The Investment Conclave will feature pitch presentations from 30 dynamic startups, seeking funds for going to market or expansion, needing up to Rs 5 crores. These presentations will be made to a distinguished panel comprising more than 20 seasoned investors, offering an unparalleled chance for startups to attract crucial investment.

In addition to the pitch presentations, the Expo segment of the event will provide a platform for 25 additional startups to exhibit their products and services. This showcase will enable startups to engage with potential investors, partners, and customers, amplifying their visibility & networking opportunities.

The event will commence with an inaugural ceremony at 10:00 AM, followed by a full day of pitch presentations and engaging talk shows tailored to the needs and interests of startups. These sessions will offer valuable insights and guidance from industry experts, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs, empowering startups with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

An array of dignitaries including Dr. Sudhir Mehta (Chairman – Pinnacle Industries Ltd. & Eka Mobility ), Lt. Gen. Rajendra Nimbhorkar (Retd), Shri Kantilal Oswal (President JITO Apex), Shri Deepak Karandikar (President MCCIA), Shri Ajay Bhagwat (President TiE Pune), Ms. Rashmi Urdhwareshe (Former Director ARAI), Shri Bharat Agarwal (President Vishwakarma University), Shri Rajesh Sankla (Chairman JITO Pune) will be present for the event.

A few of the investors attending the event include representatives from Mumbai Angels, Prath Ventures, ThinQbate, Lead Angels, Relatient, BAce Ventures and Cogniphy. In addition, angel investors (individuals) of JITO Pune, having interests in funding early-stage startups from various sectors including Ravi Sankla (Raviraj Group), Sujay Shah (Mahati Group), Ajay Mehta (IBN Technologies), Abhishek Bhatevara (Rohan Builders), Umesh Bora (Makwana & Tanmay Constructions), Shri Vijay Bhandari (BJB Papers) will also be going through the pitch presentations of the startups during the event.

The event also hosts a talk show including sessions on topics of importance to the startups and entrepreneurs including sessions on Go To Market by Amit Sharma (Ex VP Future Group), on investment and opportunities in the US by Suman Sengupta (Cogniphy), startups success stories and more.

“We are thrilled to host the Pinnacle Investment Conclave & Expo 2024, which promises to be a game-changer for startups seeking funding and exposure,” said Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman of AIC – Pinnacle. He added “By bringing together startups, investors, and industry stakeholders under one roof, we aim to catalyze innovation, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth within the startup ecosystem. Though the investment conclave is sector agnostic, the startups from sectors including Renewable Energy, Social Innovation, EV, Automotive, Agriculture & Food, IT, IOT & Automation, Construction Technology, Manufacturing & Engineering will be given preference”

“An event with multiple benefits for startups, at such a scale is being done for the first time in Pune. Out of over 200 applications, 30 startups have been carefully shortlisted by an expert team who will be pitching live to over 20 investors. AIC Pinnacle is also focusing on startups in the social innovation sector. We also plan to offer seed fund support by way of grants through government schemes to startups in these sectors.”

The event will be attended by a curated audience comprising select startups, seasoned investors, inventors, incubators, banks, professional service providers, and senior industry mentors. Participants can look forward to forging meaningful connections, exploring investment opportunities, and gaining invaluable insights from thought leaders in the startup community.