Pune Airport Customs Under Scrutiny for Lack of Transparency in Anti-Smuggling Operations

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 23rd February 2024: In a puzzling move, the Pune Airport Customs Department has come under scrutiny for its recent silence regarding anti-smuggling activities. Despite a surge in reported incidents of the Customs taking action against individuals involved in smuggling, the department has refrained from sharing any details with the media or on its official Twitter account.


Our sources have verified that there have been recent actions taken in both this month and the preceding one. According to senior officials from the customs department who spoke with Punekar News, the Airport customs regularly carried out daily actions, making it a common occurrence to catch individuals involved in smuggling on a daily basis.


This lack of transparency has raised eyebrows, especially given the change in senior officials over the past six months. Numerous instances of successful interventions by Pune Customs have been reported, but officials remain tight-lipped, citing directives from higher-ups.


Punekar News, despite having access to some information, has faced roadblocks in obtaining comprehensive details on recent Customs actions. The apparent directive not to disclose information has also extended to the Superintendent of Customs at Pune Airport, who expressed an inability to share any details with the media.


Comparisons with other major airports in the country add to the perplexity. Mumbai Customs officials have been proactive in updating the media and their official Twitter account with daily actions against illegal activities, including over 15 cases in the last 20 days. Delhi Customs has followed suit, consistently sharing information on their official pages, leading to widespread coverage in the media.


The contrast is stark when it comes to Pune Airport, where the customs officials seem to be maintaining an unusual silence. Even routine updates on their official Twitter account, which is a common practice in other cities, are conspicuously absent.


In a year that saw a significant increase in passenger footfall, with 95 lakh travelers in 2023 compared to 69 lakh in 2022, the need for transparency in anti-smuggling operations becomes paramount. While other airports with lower passenger numbers have been diligent in sharing their actions, Pune’s Customs Department remains an enigma.


The question that begs an answer is why Pune Customs is choosing to stay silent when other airports are embracing openness. The lack of information not only raises concerns among the public but also leaves room for speculation and skepticism.


Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated that they are reaching out to Airport Customs authorities to inquire about the procedures in place for preventing the transportation of large quantities of drugs by air.