Pune: Ajit Pawar Shocked by Baramati Loss: “Surprised by Lack of Support”

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Baramati, 7th June 2024: The Lok Sabha 2024 results have sent shockwaves across the nation. In Maharashtra, the Mahavikas Aghadi, comprising the Indian National Congress, Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), and Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena, emerged victorious. Conversely, the Mahayuti coalition, consisting of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Ajit Pawar-led NCP, and Eknath Shinde-led Shiv Sena, secured fewer seats. Mahayuti managed only 17 seats in Maharashtra, while Mahavikas Aghadi initially secured 30. Their tally rose to 31 after independent candidate Vishal Patil from Sangli pledged allegiance to the Congress yesterday.


Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar, somewhat underperformed in this election. Contesting in four seats, he won only one and lost three, including his wife’s defeat in Baramati. Since then, he has maintained a low profile. However, yesterday, after the NCP MLA meeting, Pawar addressed the media.


Ajit Pawar expressed, “After the elections, I refrained from speaking to anybody. We didn’t achieve the expected success, and we are not pleased with the results in Maharashtra. I believe this is my responsibility. I must accept the outcome as determined by the people. I take full responsibility for it. All MLAs are with us, and nobody is dissatisfied. I am particularly shocked by the result in Baramati, and I can’t understand how it happened.”


Continuing, Ajit Pawar remarked, “I am surprised that the people of Baramati didn’t support me. Leaving aside other constituencies, I am particularly astonished by Baramati’s outcome. The Muslim community distanced themselves from us, there were discussions about changing the constitution, and we couldn’t persuade the people otherwise. Apart from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Mahayuti didn’t secure a seat in Marathwada, primarily due to Maratha Reservation. Tough decisions lie ahead for us.”


In response to MLC Amol Mitkari’s allegations against the allies, Pawar clarified, “I informed Amol Mitkari that the briefing was different. It didn’t transpire in Baramati, so let’s not blame anyone. My performance fell short, hence I take full responsibility. While Supriya Sule emerged victorious and secured her seat, personally, I feel I couldn’t deliver. I came up short. Despite my efforts to explain to the voters that the constitution cannot be altered, I failed.”


People Didn’t Like Chandrakant Patil’s Statement on Sharad Pawar


Before the elections, Mahayuti held numerous meetings in Baramati. During one of these gatherings, the Minister of Higher and Technical Education of Maharashtra, along with a BJP MLA, stated, “We will end Sharad Pawar in Baramati,” which sparked considerable anger. Ajit Pawar also opposed this statement at that time. Yesterday, Pawar commented, “People didn’t appreciate Chandrakant Patil’s remarks about Sharad Pawar, especially when made in Baramati. I have previously expressed this sentiment. Additionally, it is undeniable that I fell short in Baramati. We will strive to avoid such mistakes in the Vidhan Sabha elections.”


NCP MLAs Absent from the Meeting


In a party meeting convened by Ajit Pawar yesterday, five MLAs were notably absent. Sources indicate that these MLAs provided personal reasons for their absence. The meeting was attended by senior leaders and all MLAs were briefed about its proceedings. An official from Ajit Pawar’s camp clarified that all absent MLAs had informed about their inability to attend. Currently, there is no communication with the opposition from any MLAs. MLA Aatram Dharamraobaba Bhagwantrao is unwell, Narhari Zirwal is in Russia, Sunil Tingre is out of town, Rajendra Shingane is also unwell, and Anna Bansode was reported to be absent due to personal reasons.