Pune: Alandi Bandh Withdrawn, Villagers Opt for Dialogue in Trustee Election Dispute

Alandi temple trust issue
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Alandi villagers, agitated over the election of trustees for Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Sanjeevan Samadhi Mandir, initially called for an ‘Alandi Bandh’ today. However, the decision to enforce the bandh was later withdrawn after a march and protest in the morning. The dispute arises from the appointment of Rajendra Umap as the newly elected trustee. Villagers are demanding a judicial process for the election of trustees and expressed their discontent by initially calling for a bandh.

Trustee Rajendra Umap responded to the situation, stating that it is inappropriate to disrupt the pilgrimage activities during the Sanjivan Samadhi ceremony and Kartiki Yatra. He emphasized the need for discussion and dialogue to address concerns rather than resorting to protests. Umap expressed a willingness to engage in positive discussions, highlighting the role of trustees in listening to the grievances of each individual.

Umap explained that the selection of trustees follows a judicial process, and the concerns raised by the villagers could be addressed through this established procedure. He lamented the lack of communication from the villagers, urging for a constructive dialogue to resolve the issues. Despite the initial tension, Umap expressed openness to considering the villagers’ demands and working towards a solution through discussion.

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The dispute reflects the complexity of local governance and the challenges in managing religious and community affairs, with the need for a balance between established processes and community concerns. The withdrawal of the Alandi Bandh decision suggests a reprieve, but the underlying issues may require continued dialogue and resolution to maintain harmony in the community.