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Pune, 17th  Feb 2022:     The Alkaline Movement starts with much fanfare and hopes to bring health and safety in the Hospitality Industry of India here in Pune at the head office of ACOHI Asia.  The Human body consists of 70% water and hence this element of water becomes most essential which was always underrated and overlooked.


“With this new beginning, the Industry will give an opportunity to all those manufacturers and suppliers who are in the business of alkaline water. As researchers say that this water has medicinal values and cures many diseases and ailments, it will act as a revolution in our Industry.  We have defined the usage and foresee that right from star properties to big and small restaurants to the catering industry everyone should use this water for the betterment of their customers finally making it sure that they value the most important methodology of hygiene, safety & nutrition post Corona which is the utmost need of the future “said ACOHI Chairman Sanee Awsarmmel in a press conference positioned at ACOHI Asian Secretariat here in Pune.


VRH Aqua is the first company in India which has been given the Culinary ID after the verification of their business process as they have been listed with ACOHI Chamber on National Level after the BOG Scrutiny for the year 2022 they will be given  access to the  Industry to make sure they service the Industry in terms of Sales of Alkaline Machines, servicing and can perform on the Annual Maintenance Contracts for the Industry across India. They have wide range of machines which are of Enagic Brand producing healthy water widely known as Kangen water exclusively defined for the purpose. We are extremely delighted to get the Culinary ID and National Listing with ACOHI Chamber and we will do our best to perform as per the Industry standards and expectations said VRH Aqua Chairman Nirmal Hinduja.



What is Culinary ID & Listing Procedure?


Culinary ID is only given to people of expertise of their product which is only for one year which has a series of paperwork and proceedings which the brand has to go through. On satisfaction and completion of paper scrutiny work the Culinary ID is awarded which stands on City, State, National & International Levels which is termed as very prestigious for any brand in the Hospitality Industry which is awarded with the same.


Culinary ID & Listing (2022) is the process in entire Asia which talks about the background check and specialty of the person, brand or company. Earlier many a times due to non availability or much research , information , background many a times wrong vendors, people & products were servicing the Industry due to which many negative results were seen in past. Culinary ID & Listing process will strengthen the backbone of the Industry and will be providing value for money, verified, researched and most needed products and vendors through this International Process which is suppose to become the benchmark for Safety, Security & Quality which our Industry needs.





Better Alkaline Water Days ahead for Hospitality Industry of India & Asia as it started on the same day as for the food preparation, India’s high profile Brand in Catering GAC – Grand Affair Catering was roped in who prepared the function food using the most valued Alkaline water with the (11.5 Alkalinity Water) for deep cleaning and removal of pesticides from vegetables and (9 Alkalinity Water) was used for cooking & usage purpose. GAC became the first in India & Asia to use the water officially using the parameters of ACOHI Alkaline Movement and we are delighted to get this honor & opportunity said the Chairman of GAC Yogesh Turvankar.