Pune Among Top 5 Forgetful Cities: Uber’s 2024 Lost and Found Index Revealed

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Gurgaon, 19th April 2024: In a bid to shed light on the everyday occurrences of forgetfulness amidst the chaos of urban life, Uber unveiled its annual Lost and Found Index for 2024. This comprehensive report delves into the most commonly forgotten items, the cities notorious for their absent-mindedness, and the patterns underlying forgetfulness.

For the second consecutive year, Delhi clinched the title of the most forgetful city in the nation, closely trailed by Mumbai in the runner-up position. Bangalore reclaimed its third spot from Hyderabad, which slipped to fourth, while Pune secured the fifth position among India’s most forgetful cities. Anchored by data-driven insights, Uber’s Lost and Found Index serves as an educational tool, imparting knowledge to riders about the in-app options available for retrieving lost items with a mere tap.

Phones, bags, wallets, and clothing remained the top items left behind in Ubers across the country, followed by utility items such as water bottles, keys, and accessories like spectacles and jewelry. Among the unique items forgotten were a Ukulele instrument, a coin collection, prasad, and even a hair trimmer. Additionally, crucial documents like passports and business papers found their way into the list of items left behind.

Reflecting on the Index, Nitish Bhushan, Head of Central Operations, expressed, “We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of realizing we left behind something valuable in a cab. With Uber, riders have a simple option to retrieve lost items through a few steps in the app. We value the trust riders place in us and believe it’s essential to remind them of the process for retrieving lost belongings.”

The Index further reveals intriguing trends, such as Saturdays being the day when forgetfulness peaks, blue items being the most commonly forgotten, and evenings, particularly around 7 PM, witnessing the highest frequency of items left behind. Notably, individuals with Apple devices were identified as the most forgetful demographic, particularly during the festive period surrounding Diwali.

Here’s a snapshot of the insights gleaned from Uber’s Lost and Found Index India 2023:

**Top 10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items:**

1. Phone

2. Laptop bags

3. Clothing

4. Keys

5. Headphones

6. Wallet

7. Spectacles/sunglasses

8. Water Bottle

9. Jewelry

10. Watch

**Top 5 Most ‘Forgetful’ Cities:**

1. Delhi

2. Mumbai

3. Bangalore

4. Hyderabad

5. Pune

**Top 3 Most Forgetful Days of the Year:**

1. November 10

2. November 9

3. November 11

**Top 3 Most Forgetful Days of the Week: The Weekend:**

1. Saturday

2. Friday

3. Sunday

**The Most Forgetful Time of the Day for Indians:**

1. Evenings – 7 pm

2. Evenings – 8 pm

3. Evenings – 6 pm

**Top 3 Colours of Forgotten Items:**

1. Blue

2. Red

3. Pink

Top 3 Phone Brands Left in Ubers:

1. Apple

2. Samsung

3. Redmi

To aid riders in retrieving lost items, Uber offers a simple guide:

– Tap on the “Menu” icon

– Select “Your Trips” and choose the relevant trip

– Report an issue with the trip and select “I lost an item”

– Contact the driver through the app and coordinate the retrieval process

With forgetfulness being an inevitable part of modern life, Uber’s Lost and Found Index serves as a reminder of the convenience and accessibility of its in-app options for riders in need of assistance.