Pune: Anandvan Foundation Boosts Green Initiative with New Tractor, Thanks to Citizen Support

Tractor Anandvan
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Kondhwa, 10th January 2024: Anandvan Foundation’s green initiative project received a significant infrastructure boost with the acquisition of a versatile tractor on Wednesday. The new addition aims to enhance the foundation’s urban green forest work across various locations.

Pravin Kumar Anand, the supremo of Anandvan Foundation, credited the success of acquiring their own tractor to the citizens’ movement and the unwavering support of countless green enthusiasts.

Expressing gratitude, Kumar thanked citizens and stakeholders for standing by the foundation’s leadership in promoting the green movement. Bhupesh Sharma, a senior member of Anandvan Foundation, praised the citizens for their efforts in supporting the foundation’s green initiatives and urged them to continue their active participation.

Vishal Pawar, another member of the foundation, highlighted the significance of the new Massey Ferguson 6028 Max Pro tractor. He explained that the versatile vehicle would expedite and enhance the foundation’s operations, especially in dealing with fire hazards and various challenges encountered during mass-scale tree plantations.

The Massey Ferguson 6028 Max Pro is equipped with a powerful engine, capable of efficiently handling urban forestry tasks. Its wide track ensures stability and traction, making it suitable for challenging terrains. The tractor’s power and efficiency make it an invaluable asset for tree planters. Chetan Yadav, the owner of the Tractor Agency, emphasized its versatility, stating that it could be used for various operations, including watering plants in difficult terrains and anti-fire operations.

Anandvan Foundation aims to utilize the new tractor for a range of tasks related to urban forestry, showcasing the impact of citizen support on environmental initiatives. The addition of this advanced machinery aligns with the foundation’s commitment to sustainable and effective green practices.