Pune authority rules in favour of Wadia’s Application for Management of Wadia Colleges’ 

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Pune: Pune’s Deputy Charity Commissioner NV Jagtap has ruled in the favour of the application made by Nusli Wadia and Ness Wadia by appointing them as the first trustees and ordering an elaborate scheme for management of the Modern Education Society. The Modern Education Society registered as a Public Trust was established in the year 1932 and governs 7 colleges across Mumbai and Pune. The Society was established and functioning since inception with generous philanthrophic contributions of land and funds from the Wadia family.
Earlier during the year The Wadia’s had approached the office of DYCC with a scheme for efficient managent of Wadia Colleges as there was no authentic or authorised constitution on record and several illegalities and irregularities in the administration were observed due to absence of the same.
The new Board of Trustees as per the scheme would comprise of 7 members – three members of the Wadia family, three members from the teaching/non-teaching staff of Modern Education Society and one would be Independent.
The Interim Board of Trustees has already taken charge of the MES office on 12th October 2018.  As per the scheme a new COO and CFO have been appointed from the current faculty of the college.
With this order of DYCC the state of affairs, the functioning and accountability, of the Modern Education Society which includes colleges in Mumbai and Pune are expected to improve to the benefit of all the current students and all those who will enrol each year in the future.