Pune: Avant-Garde Décor Meets Scrumptious Fare At This Pan-Asian Restaurant

Chicken & Prawns Tortellini
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Ketaki Latkar-Mahajan

Pune, 9th October 2021: Distanced tables, golden-yellow lights blending in with the entrancing electronic tunes, and the wooden scaffoldings on the ceiling inspired by Japanese temple architecture—Balewadi High Street’s Gong seems to hit all the right notes with its décor.

Last month, Gong launched a new menu, and it is only an extension of the restaurant’s vision of presenting and celebrating the culinary traditions of the Far East. In most modern Asian restaurants, sushi seems like the norm. Gong, however, makes an exception. In fact, if we were to curate a menu of favourites, it would only feature a variety or two of the sushi platters (maybe the standard, yet appetizing cream-cheese-avocado, and the restaurant’s on-point Philadelphia blue rice salmon surprise rolls). The crispy vegetable tempura, the butter garlic fish baos, and the smoked water chestnut dimsums would be our highlights. If you love meat, the chicken and shrimp tortellini, and the fried chicken soft shell tacos wouldn’t let you down.

Yaki Udan Noodles Veg

Whether you want to eat a bit of everything, or a big chunk of that one handpicked dish, is your call. Our two cents—choose small portions, and try more varieties. If you are in the mood for something quick, healthy, and not too elaborate, you could settle for black rice or the Yaki Udon noodles and chicken Burmese curry. Alternatively, the lotus stem and tofu hot pot are also noteworthy.

Butter Garlic Fish Bao Slider

Date night or family get-together, leaving a meal without the finishing notes of a decadent dessert is never a good idea. Complete the meal with the incredible Chocolate Dome—which is a mountain of gooey hot chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, dark brownies, and honey noodles. We need not say more!

In a nutshell, Gong’s new menu is sure to pack a punch.


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