Pune Based Airattix Storage ties up with OYO for storage solutions 

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Pune, 25th January 2022: Airattix, a first-of-its-kind marketplace for storage and parking spaces, recently collaborated with the independent asset partners operating their hotels/lodges under the brand of OYO Hotels & Homes for parking and storage spaces. OYO Hotels & Homes is an Indian multinational hospitality chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and living spaces, where the unused spaces like vacant rooms, outhouses, basements, halls, and other secured spaces within their properties along with vacant parking spaces can be rented out to genuine verified customers for storage and vehicle parking purpose respectively through the Airattix portal.

Through this unique technology-oriented marketplace, Airattix tries to solve the common global problems of extra storage space and daily parking needs in this sharing economic generation. Airattix enables its customers with multiple storage and parking options which they can book as per their requirements.

Aditya Kale, Founder and CEO of Airattix Storage, says “Being an asset-light and trustworthy  marketplace, Airattix does not rent in and rent out the storage and parking facilities, but instead collaborates with the storage and parking facilities owners who can list and rent out their spaces through the Airattix portal. Airattix helps in creating an extra income opportunity to the property owners through their unused spaces.”

Hospitality sector being the most affected in these pandemic times, many hotel B&B owners are looking for an alternate source of income through their properties. Airattix gives that opportunity to these facility owners by renting out their unused storage and parking spaces to relevant customers.

Post pandemic, the demand for public storage facilities has been stimulated extensively due to multiple clients requiring storage facilities from various sectors like work from home employees, students, small business owners, traders, people renovating their homes, etc.

Space has never been at such a premium and we live in an era where people have more belongings than ever before. After sensing an opportunity, Aditya Kale, decided to develop a booking platform for individuals and independent public storage facility owners, who can list their properties on the portal for free and rent it out to genuine verified customers as per their geographic and budgetary needs.

Other than Oyo, multiple other commercial property owners and Public storage facility owners like Your Space Doctor (Mumbai), Storemore (Noida), Safe Storage (Bengaluru), Dorabajee and Sons (Pune), Abhiruchi Mall (Pune) have listed their properties on the company’s portal and are further renting them out to prospective customers. Airattix aims to reinvent the storage space in this sharing economy and has launched a marketplace to create visibility to the storage and parking facilities and connect the facility owners to genuine customers.

Airattix also provides relevant additional value added services to its customers like movers and packers, goods insurance, car battery checkup and maintenance, valet parking services and has tied-up with relevant agencies for the same. Airattix received a tremendous response within a short span of time and has scaled this one-of-a-kind business in multiple cities across India.