Pune based company, Kirloskar Brothers, offers technical expertise for football team stuck in Thailand Caves.

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As the mission to rescue the 12 Thai boys and their football coach continues in Thailand, The Indian Embassy in Thailand has offered technical expertise to the Thailand government. They have issued a statement that an Indian company, Kirloskar Brothers have been the partner in the rehabilitation of the Bangkok city after the floods in 2011 and has the technical expertise to flush out the flood waters to speed-up the rescue operation.

In a message to the Thailand government, the Indian ambassador to Bangkok, Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi, said “The challenge now is to be able to extricate the boys from where they are at the moment. Kirloskar Brothers Limited has a subsidiary in Thailand, they have offered their technical expertise to address the situation. They have done a number of projects in Thailand including the situation after floods in Bangkok in 2011. They are among the best in the field. We are ready to do whatever we can to help in this situation”

Kirloskar Brothers have worked with the Royal Government of Thailand in projects such as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration-Khlong Bang Sue drainage projects and vertical mixed flow for flood water and raw water transfer with the department of water resources – Bung Boraphet, Nakorn Sawan.

While all efforts are made to bring them out, the key focus though is to drain the Tham Luang cave complex, in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province, which has been flooded by heavy monsoon rains.