Pune-based Waterlab Solutions Introduces Bhujal App & Bhujal IoT for Groundwater Management Amid Maharashtra’s Intensifying Drought

Waterlab Solutions
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Pune, 6th June 2024: As Maharashtra faces an increasingly severe drought this summer, Waterlab Solutions, a Pune-based Startup is taking significant steps to address water scarcity and promote sustainable groundwater management by introducing the Bhujal App and Bhujal IoT, marking a significant advancement in groundwater management technology in the region. With a strategic focus on technology, community engagement, and education, this Pune-based startup is empowering farmers, urban planners, and students to better manage and conserve water resources.

In response to the urgent need for effective water management, Waterlab has been actively promoting the Bhujal App among farmers across Maharashtra. The app, designed to help farmers monitor water availability in their borewells, saw an impressive 84,000 downloads between February and April 2024. Remarkably, nearly 70% of these downloads were from Maharashtra, indicating a strong demand for the app’s capabilities in aiding summer crop planning.

In Solapur District, Waterlab has partnered with NABARD to develop a community-based groundwater management project. This initiative will equip farmers with the Bhujal App for borewell monitoring, promote efficient groundwater use, and demonstrate SMART irrigation tools based on Bhujal innovations. Currently under review by NABARD, the project also includes recharge measures to enhance groundwater levels.

Along with this, Waterlab is also incubated at VAMNICOM, a national institute for cooperative development. Through this partnership, Waterlab engages with co-operatives to address groundwater issues and disseminate Bhujal innovations. By participating in workshops organized by VAMNICOM, Waterlab has successfully reached out to numerous farmers, providing them with essential tools and knowledge for groundwater management.

In collaboration with Rotary International Pune and a Mumbai-based company, Waterlab is initiating groundwater monitoring, awareness, and action programs at schools. These initiatives aim to educate students about the impacts of climate change and promote groundwater conservation practices. With its dedication to innovative groundwater management solutions, leveraging technology and community engagement to promote sustainable water use, Waterlab aims to create a resilient and water-secure future for Maharashtra and beyond.

Waterlab Solutions, with funding support from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under the AMRUT 2.0 Mission, successfully completed a Pilot Aquifer Management Plan for select areas within the Pune Municipal Corporation. This project involved mapping groundwater levels in over 300 borewells from January to June 2023 and conducting a comprehensive hydrogeological study to identify key recharge and discharge areas. With the project now complete, Waterlab plans to extend similar studies to other cities in Maharashtra, aiming to support urban groundwater conservation efforts under the AMRUT 2.0 Mission.