Pune: Blue Ridge Township in Hinjawadi Takes Action to Preserve Mula River with “Save Mula River Initiative”

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Hinjawadi, 20th April 2024: The residents of Blue Ridge Township in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park initiated a vital campaign titled the “Save Mula River Initiative” to address the concerning pollution levels in the Mula River. As a crucial water source for the township and surrounding communities, the deteriorating condition of the river has sparked significant alarm among locals.

The campaign’s flagship event took place on April 20, 2024, at the Marina Lawns of Blue Ridge Township, attracting active participation from hundreds of concerned citizens. Volunteers dedicated months of effort to raise awareness and mobilize support for the cause.

Shashank Paranjape, Managing Director of Paranjape Schemes (Construction) Ltd., joined the event, reminiscing about the river’s pristine past and offering support for the initiative.

Despite scorching temperatures, participants and volunteers gathered to demonstrate their solidarity. The event comprised two main activities:

1. Blue Group: Engaged in a silent march to the riverbank, forming a human display spelling out “MULA” and pledging ongoing efforts to restore the river.
2. Green Group: Participated in various activities at Marina Lawns, including environmental storytelling, poetry recitations, and an antakshari with an environmental theme.

The organizers emphasized that the event aimed at raising awareness and fostering engagement rather than mere protest. It sought to deepen community understanding of the challenges facing the river and its broader environmental implications.

The “Save Mula River Initiative” underscores the interconnectedness of environmental issues and calls for collective action to address the broader crisis affecting rivers regionally and globally.


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The Mula River, originating in the Sahyadri Mountains, spans 22 kilometers and is integral to the region’s ecology. Serving as a primary water source for numerous communities, its health directly impacts the well-being of the entire ecosystem.