Pune: Blueridge Resident Video Exposes Alarming Bloodworm Infestation In Tap Water In Hinjawadi Area

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Hinjawadi, 15th February 2024: A citizen from the Blueridge township in Hinjawadi has captured and shared shocking images and videos revealing the presence of Chironomid larvae, commonly known as “non-biting midges” and “bloodworms,” in the tap water. The photos and videos have raised concerns about the deteriorating water quality in the Mula-Mutha rivers.

The Chironomid larvae, appearing as dark red organisms, typically indicate poor water quality. Reports suggest that at least 20% of the 800 flats in the township have found these larvae in their tap water. The alarming discovery has sparked fears among residents about the safety of their drinking water.

Further details are awaited.