Pune-Bound SpiceJet Flight Returns to Delhi Due to Radar Issues

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Delhi/Pune, 13th June 2024: SpiceJet flight SG8938, traveling from Delhi to Pune, returned to Delhi without landing in Pune, causing chaos among the passengers. They had to wait at the airport for an extended period. Instead of landing at Pune Airport, the plane made an unexpected return to Delhi.

SpiceJet has not issued any response to the incident, but passengers allege that the plane made a U-turn due to a technical glitch in the radar as it approached Pune. The flight departed from Delhi at 5:30 PM yesterday, with an expected flight duration of approximately two hours.

Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly, and the passengers were relaxed as the plane neared Pune. However, unexpectedly, the plane made a U-turn back to Delhi. Confused and concerned, the passengers did not understand why the flight was redirected.

The unexpected return to Delhi resulted in about five hours of wasted time and filled the cabin with anxiety and fear. Passengers reported that the plane’s return was due to radar issues. SpiceJet provided refreshments to the passengers, and the plane eventually continued its journey back to Pune.