Pune Brews Most Beer; Financial Record Growth In Maharashtra

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Pune, 21st May 2022: The Maharashtra state has seen a harsh summer this year and had faced heat waves for several days. In this situation, many citizens took the help of cold drinks to get rid of the heat waves for sometime. In this regard,beer seems to be the biggest contributor. This summer, Pune district has witnessed record sales of beer. As a result, revenue has increased by Rs 213 crore. (Beer sales rapidly increased in last year)


Last year, the revenue was Rs 1,434 crore. But this year it has increased by Rs 213 crore. Beer sales in Pune district have increased by 30 lakh liters. According to the State Excise Department, record sales of beer, liquor (Desi Daru) and wine were recorded in 2021-22. Compared to the financial year 2020-21, beer sales in the year 2021-22 had increased by about 14 per cent. But compared to 2019-20, it has decreased by 22 per cent.


In the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, the alcohol sales in the state has increased for the first time last year. This business sector was affected badly due to the closure of liquor stores and beer bars in the Corona period in 2020. In 2021-22, however, the industry has risen again.