Pune: Businessman Falls Prey to Rs 23.4 Lakhs Share Purchase Scam, Nigdi Police Launch Investigation

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Chinchwad, 5th February 2024: A businessman fell victim to a fraudulent scheme, losing a substantial amount of ₹23.4 lakhs between December 4, 2023, and January 29, 2024, in Sambhajinagar, Chinchwad. Santosh Eknath Gaikwad (47) has lodged a complaint with the Nigdi Police Station, leading to the initiation of legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

The complaint details that individuals associated with mobile numbers 9718352450, 447404971223, 447405484888, and 447405911437, as well as certain bank account holders, orchestrated the fraud. The accused had purportedly promoted a company named Pantheon Ventures LLP Ltd, claiming lucrative opportunities for stock market investments. Intrigued by the advertisement, Gaikwad contacted the accused, who then coerced him into investing in the stock market.

In the course of the scheme, the accused convinced Gaikwad to contribute a total of ₹24 lakhs, assuring returns through timely stock purchases. However, the accused only returned ₹60,000 to Gaikwad, leaving an outstanding amount of ₹23.4 lakhs unaccounted for. Nigdi police are investigating the matter further.