Pune can lead India’s Digital Transformation- Narajan

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Pune, October 20, 2018 : Pune city has the capacity to lead India’s digital revolution and all the stakeholders should come together to make the city a brand expressed Pari Natrajan, chied executive officer, Zinnov LLC.

Natarajan delivered a keynote address at ‘Pune Connect -2018’, a conference of start-ups organised by Software Exporters Association, Pune (SEAP). The conference saw a presence of dignitaries such as Sameer Soman, President of SEAP and Managing Director of Thought works, Prashant KS, MD of IDEAs and Chair of Pune Connect, Ashutosh Parasnis, Founder, Newbox Consulting, Nitin Deshpande, Executive Committee member, S Ramprasad, Executive Committee member, Radhika Tharoor, Executive Committee Member, Vidyadhar Purandare, Secretary of SEAP, Abhijit Atre, Executive Committee Member, SEAP, Navin Kabra and Amit Paranjape from Pune Tech. Many senior personalities from the IT industry, start-up owners, were present for the conference.

Natrajan while emphasizing on the importance of Pune city in the technological field said that most of world-renowned companies are setting up offices in India and are preferring Pune as their destination. “Pune has the capacity to provide great quality of life, efficient engineers and skilled manpower,” said Natrajan.

He further added that 50 important companies, 400 start-ups and global research centres of many companies are based in Pune. “Pune has a great world culture and living conditions that is why it can lead India’s digital revolution,” he said.

Natrajan emphasized on the need of creating an ecosystem of investments in the new business ideas. He said, “there is a consistent need of new technological innovation. There are many universities in who can contribute towards that. If Pune is branded well on the international platform, then companies from Japan and France would also be interested in setting up their offices here,” he said.

Natrajan concluded his remarks by stating that India’s economy is all set to hit the mark of 5 trillion by 2025 and to achieve this feat, technological companies will have immense importance.

While addressing the conference attendees, Sameer Soman informed that SEAP is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. “SEAP has contributed towards creating a technological ecosystem in Pune and Pune Connect has played a great role in the same. All technological companies will have to create a platform for new ideas and promote futuristic innovation and collaboration culture to get ahead in the competition,” he said. He further said that SEAP has been working towards bringing Pune on the world map of technological centres through conferences like Pune Connect.

Vaibhav Tiwari, chief executive officer, Portea Medical narrated the journey of the company in becoming one of the leaders in the healthcare industry. He informed that India has about 12 crore people who are above the age of 60 years. This number will keep rising. In the healthcare industry, currently opportunities if 21 billion dollars. “Hospitals cannot provide every healthcare service. Many companies can collaborate with hospitals and provide services. Many services can be provided at home as well. Healthcare industry is vast and offers a lot of potential for new ideas and businesses,” said Tiwari. He further said that Services such as Emergency attention or chemotherapy can be provided at home.

Everest climbers Umesh Zirpe and Bhushan Harshe represented well known mountaineering organisation Giripremi at the event. They spoke about the preparation, leadership, management, mistakes and team work that took place in the expeditions such as Everest or Lohtse peak and how they have turned out to be business lessons for many organisations.

Featured Start-ups
Podronous logistics is a start-up that has presented a concept of ‘PodBank’ that enables receival of a parcel even when no family member is at home. Anyone can receive parcel in a specialised box through the combination of mobile phone and technical setup. Once the parcel is placed in a box, a SMS is sent to a concerned person. An ERP Startup ‘Tarana’ that provides innovative technology through wireless systems was also featured in the event.