Pune Cantonment Board Merger With PMC In Next Three Months – MLA Sunil Kamble

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Sumit Singh

Camp, 14th February 2024: The initial meeting regarding the merger of civilian areas in Pune and Khadki Cantonment Boards with Pune municipal corporation (PMC) took place on Monday at the Ministry of Defence in Delhi. The next meeting is scheduled for the month of March.

During the meeting, the Chief Executive Officers of Pune and Khadki Cantonment Boards delivered a presentation on the merger process. Discussions also took place regarding the potential merger of other cantonment boards in the Maharashtra state.

MLA Sunil Kamble informed that a report has been requested from the boards, and the merger of Pune and Khadki Cantonment Boards is expected to be finalized within the next three months.

Kamble emphasized that the Center will take a decision upon receiving the report from the state government. Currently, both the municipality and the cantonment board have been instructed to submit their final reports. Kamble expressed confidence that the Pune Cantonment Board would merge with the Municipal Corporation within a positive timeline of three months.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Defence asked the 12 Cantonment Boards across the country to submit a resolution demarcating civilian areas from cantonment limits. This directive includes the cantonment boards of Fatehgarh, Dehradun, Shahjahanpur, Clement Town, Ramgarh, Mathura of Central Command, and Deolali, Babina, Morar (Gwalior), Nasirabad, Ajmer, Sagar of Southern Command.