Pune: CCTV Captures Horror Of Koyta Gang Attacking Patrons Drinking At Liquor Shop

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Khadakwasla, 29th December 2023: The reign of terror inflicted by the Koyta wielding groups continues to grip Pune, extending its ominous presence into rural areas, creating a rising concern for law and order. The situation has escalated, with innocent citizens falling victim to unprovoked attacks.

In the rural expanses surrounding Pune, the audacity of the Koytas is evident, as incidents involving their menacing presence are on the rise. A recent alarming event unfolded at a liquor shop in Nanded Phata, where three individuals brandishing a knife and an axe instigated chaos. The assailants forcibly shut down the establishment, assaulting and robbing patrons who were simply enjoying a drink. The entire gruesome episode has been captured by the CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity, providing crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation led by the Haveli Police.

The distressing footage reveals three assailants ruthlessly attacking patrons within the liquor shop, displaying both knives and axes. The Haveli Police station (Pune rural police) is engaged in the search for these perpetrators to bring them to justice.