Pune: Central Railway Introduces Innovative Fog Safety Devices for Enhanced Train Safety

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Pune, 24th December 2023:

Central Railway has taken a groundbreaking stride in ensuring train operations’ safety amidst foggy weather conditions by deploying a cutting-edge Fog Safety Device (FSD). This revolutionary technology aims to support Loco Pilots in situations of poor signal visibility, significantly reducing risks associated with low-visibility conditions.

The Fog Safety Device incorporates several key features designed to optimize safety measures:


GPS Functionality: Leveraging GPS technology, the device provides advanced notifications to Loco Pilots about the upcoming three signals. Through both audio and visual cues, it ensures timely awareness.


Signal Description and Distance Display: Not only does the device audibly announce and visually display the description of the next signal, but it also indicates the intermediate distance between the locomotive and the signal. This feature facilitates better preparedness for imminent changes.


Comprehensive Mapping: Meticulous mapping of all signals and level crossing gates across various crew routes via GPS locations ensures comprehensive coverage and accuracy.


Alert Mechanism: The device triggers signal name announcements 500 meters before their actual location, enhancing vigilance among Loco Pilots and enabling safer train operations.


Emphasis on Right-Hand Side Signals: Special emphasis is placed on critical signals located on the Right Hand Side (RHS), ensuring heightened attention and safety protocols.


In instances of low visibility, typically caused by fog, trains operate within speeds ranging from 30-60 kmph. However, the implementation of the FSD now permits a maximum speed of up to 75 kmph. This advancement minimizes train detention periods and boosts punctuality significantly.


Distribution of the Fog Safety Devices across divisions stands as follows:


Mumbai Division: 10 devices

Bhusawal Division: 248 devices

Nagpur Division: 220 devices

Solapur Division: 9 devices

Pune Division: 10 devices

Furthermore, Central Railway has placed an order for an additional 500 FSDs, showcasing a strong commitment to safety measures and operational efficiency. These will be distributed among divisions as follows:


Pune Division: 80

Bhusawal Division: 100

Solapur Division: 80

Nagpur Division: 120

Mumbai Division: 120

The procurement of extra Fog Safety Devices is currently in progress, aimed at fortifying safety measures and optimizing operational efficiency across the railway network.