Pune: Chaos outside hospitals on Day 1 of COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Phase 3 in Pune

PMC Pune
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, May 1, 2021: The State is currently witnessing a severe shortage of vaccines. On Saturday, the first day of phase 3 of the vaccination drive, there was a shortage of vaccines at many vaccination centres across Pune. Citizens are worried that the vaccination centres center will become hotspots for the transmission of COVID-19. In addition, private hospitals in the city have halted the vaccination drive from Saturday, adding to the confusion.

The vaccination drive against COVID-19 for citizens aged from 18 to 44 years has begun across the State from Saturday onwards. However, there are long queues of citizens outside many vaccination centers.

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A similar situation was witnessed outside at Pune Municipal Corporation’s Kamla Nehru Hospital and Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. Citizens have to register on the eCoWin application to get vaccinated, as per the rules. The number of registrations on the CoWin app has increased since the announcement of the vaccination drive for citizens falling under the 18-44 years category. However, due to a shortage of vaccines, many citizens had to face problems on the first day of phase 3 of the vaccination drive.

Citizens had gathered outside PMC’s Kamla Nehru Hospital to get vaccinated. Many had registered their names but as the time and date were not mentioned, citizens had gathered outside the vaccination center since morning.

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Health officials said that only people who had registered with today’s date (May 1, 2021) will get vaccinated. However, the citizens did not agree to it and the situation went out of control. Due to this, the police officials were called to the centre and they had to intervene. After which, the vaccination drive resumed.

Many citizens reacted by saying that they have to deal with such incidents due to a lack of planning by the government.

Regarding this, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol said that we just got 5,000 vaccines from the state govt for 7 days. We’ve more than 20 lakh people from 18 to 44 yrs so it’s very difficult for us to manage with this supply of vaccines.

Further, he added that considering the current vaccine supply and the number of citizens we are facing a huge shortage of vaccines. Therefore, the government should supply more vaccines.

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