Pune: Citizens Call for Immediate Construction of Security Gate at Nandanvan Forest in Mohammadwadi

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Pune, 9th June 2024: Residents, morning walkers, senior citizens, environmentalists, and members of the Nandanvan Forest Group have united in demanding the urgent construction of a security gate at the entrance of the 500-acre Nandanvan Forest in Mohammadwadi. This call to action follows the recent installation of a perimeter fence by the forest department, aimed at protecting the forest from encroachment and illegal dumping.


The Nandanvan Forest Group, known for their dedication to environmental conservation, has successfully planted hundreds of native trees in recent years. Their vision is to transform the vast forest into a thriving biodiversity hotspot. However, the group and visiting citizens have voiced concerns over ongoing threats to the forest, including encroachment and indiscriminate garbage dumping. They believe that strong and active support from the forest department, local social organizations, Pune residents, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds is crucial to safeguard this valuable green space.


A significant issue troubling the community is the frequent public urination at the forest entrance. Residents report that numerous men use the area as an open toilet, creating an unhygienic and unpleasant environment. The construction of a security gate is seen as a necessary measure to control access, prevent anti-social activities, and stop the hazardous practice of dumping waste within the forest boundaries.