Pune: Citizens Demand Traffic Signal At Bopkhel Phata On Alandi Road

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Bopkhel, 6th October 2021: Residents from Bopkhel, Ramnagar and Ganeshnagar have demanded a traffic signal at Bopkhel Phata on Alandi Road due to the rising number of vehicles. A letter regarding this is given to the Senior Police Inspector of the Alandi traffic division.


Speaking about this Bhagyadev Ghule said, “At present, there is only one road for entering Bopkhel village. This road is the Alandi-Pandharpur Palkhi route and there is a huge rush on this road. Considering the safety of the citizens it is necessary to install a signal at this place. Even a 30 seconds signal will slow down the vehicle movement and it will help in preventing accidents. Therefore we have requested the administration to install a signal on this road.”


A letter in this regard is also given to the police traffic branch. Laxman (Tatya) Ghule, Ravindra Kove, Santosh Gaikwad, Datta Ghule, Rohidas Joshi, Namdev Ghule were also present on the occasion.