Pune city police launches Traffic Webpage with real-time updates

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Pune, July 27, 2019 : DCP (traffic) Pankaj Deshmukh said, “Pune Traffic Police has recently shifted focus on data based management as it strongly believes effective and long term solutions come through pro-active planning not reactive  actions. Instead of talking about accountability and transparency behind closed doors or in meeting rooms, the team strongly believes that the structured data be put up for a clearer picture together look at the challenges we face and then, let a combination of algorithms and human intervention bring up clear actions that lead to effective solutions. Rather than looking at issues & complaints as a drop in the ocean, Pune Trafwatch want to give everyone access to the ocean itself for effective solutions.”

What is Pune Trafwatch?
Pune Trafwatch conceptualized by Pune Traffic Police and Ground Data Analytics start Up ChangeBhai, with support from Pune Smart City and TISC TUDX, is a one-of its kind pilot of a larger Citywatch project with thousands of Geotagged Images flowing in daily from crowdsourced network. It is envisaged to be the largest and most robust collaborative data based citizen engagement tool globally.

Reason to launch TrafWatch:
The burning pain point that Trafwatch addresses is the complete absence of a platform for citizens to a. access the city ground data collectively and b. engage around that data meaningfully to trigger action and not on a one-to-one basis like they do for grievance redressal or on an ad hoc basis on social media.

Launch Coverage:
Pune Trafwatch is being launched with 47 roads and 265 chowks of Pune City. More data and coverage area will get added as the project progresses and expands.

What do the citizens need to do?
All the citizens need to do on Pune Trafwatch is view data (Map, Image gallery, Analytics Section) and start talking about their daily commute issues by inputting keywords or text (Citizen Engage section). All this data then forms an ‘Action Trigger package for the relevant authorities to access and act upon. The images data will keep flowing regular providing a clear picture to the citizens at their fingertips. Though we do not depend only Citizens for the images that form the backbone of the project, if the citizens wish contribute images from their daily commute route, they can use the “Join our Data Network” section to do so.

What is the link of Trafwatch ?


You have to login using your name and mobile number. You will get OTP, enter the OTP to get access.