Pune Collector to Take Action Against 5,000 Employees Absent from Election Training

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Pune, 16th April 2024: The district of Pune, which consists of four Lok Sabha constituencies namely Pune, Baramati, Shirur, and Maval, requires a significant number of employees for the upcoming Lok Sabha election work. Specifically, around 71,000 employees are needed to manage the election processes in the district. On Monday (15th April), the first training session for these employees was held, but approximately 5,000 employees, or about 10% of the total workforce, were absent from the training.

Pune Collector and District Election Officer Dr Suhas Diwase, during a press conference to review the election preparations, expressed concern over the absence of employees and announced that appropriate action would be taken against those who missed the training without a valid reason.

Dr Diwase noted the size of Pune District and the challenges it presents, with its four Lok Sabha constituencies and 8,382 polling stations. He mentioned that a large-scale system is required to manage the election efficiently. Some employees may have received double mandates for election work, and efforts will be made to check and resolve this issue. Notices will be issued to the absent employees after verification.

Furthermore, Dr Diwase highlighted that some government departments have 40% female employees, and efforts will be made to assign election duties to women within their constituencies. Women employees will be paired together to perform electoral work effectively.