Pune: Confrontation Between Car Owner and Dog Owner in Chinchwad Leads to Police Case

Chinchwad police station
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Chinchwad, 22nd March 2024: An altercation ensued on Thursday (21st March) in Chinchwad when a dog had a suspicion about a parked car, leading to a confrontation between the car owner and the dog owner. Atul Gulab Londhe, a 36-year-old resident of Wakad, complained to the Chinchwad police station, resulting in a case being registered against Dhananjay Kalidas Yadav and his mother.

According to the police report, the incident unfolded as Londhe waited in his car for pickup. The dog belonging to the accused exhibited suspicion towards Londhe’s car, prompting him to inquire about the behaviour. An argument escalated, with the dog owner resorting to physical violence by kicking and using a dog belt to assault Londhe. Moreover, verbal abuse was directed towards the accused’s mother.

Chinchwad Police are investigating this matter further.