Pune: Connecting Trust NGO Offering Emotional Support Free Of Cost To All

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Pune, 22 April 2021: Emotional support is important to everyone. Sometimes, it is difficult to open yourself up to people you know. Connecting Trust NGO is an organization that is helping people connect with volunteers who provide emotional support to people who need it. The organization is offering emotional support services to people free of cost.
It is a platform for people seeking emotional help. People can call on the distress helpline number or email the organization. “The services are completely free of charge. The only cost incurred is the price of the phone call. If you write to Connecting Trust’s distress email service, a response will be given to you within 24 hours. Its ‘Distress Helpline’ service is available from 12-8 pm on all days of the week, 365 days of the year. The helpline volunteers can respond in Hindi, English and Marathi,” said Liyaan Sataravala.
Whatever you share with the volunteers remains within the organization. All conversations between you and the volunteer will remain confidential and the volunteers do not judge or give advice. This conversation is for you to talk through everything that you’re feeling. We all need emotional support, and we all have ups and downs in our lives that sometimes feel unmanageable on our own and difficult to deal with.
Get the emotional support you need!
If you feel low, distressed, and/or suicidal, you are not alone.
To talk to the volunteers, call on 9922004305 and 9922001122 (all days from 12 pm to 8 pm).
You can also write to distressmailsconnecting@gmail.com
To volunteer, shoot an email at [email protected]
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