Pune Court Imposes Rs 1 Lakh Penalty on Daughter-in-law for Forcible Dispossession of Elderly Mother-in-law

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Pune, 21st December 2023: In a recent ruling, the Pune Judicial Magistrate First Class [J.M.F.C.] court has imposed a penalty of ₹1 Lakh against Ms. C, the daughter-in-law, for contempt of court and violation of a previous court order. The court has also directed Mrs. C and her daughter, Ms. D, to pay ₹25,000 per month for the violation.


The case revolves around an 85-year-old lady, Mrs. A, who is grappling with various medical ailments. Mrs. A’s son, Mr. B, aged 60, both were allegedly forcefully removed from their Koregaon Park bungalow in Pune by Mrs. C. The daughter-in-law is reported to be conducting an unauthorized business at the said property under the name “Inforen.” Ms. D, the granddaughter, is stated to be earning an annual income of ₹50 lakhs at McKinsey in the United Kingdom [U.K.].


Following the forced eviction, Mrs. A sought help from the police and other authorities, but her pleas were unanswered. Subsequently, she filed an application under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Notices were issued to Mrs. C and Ms. D, who appeared in court. Despite a court order prohibiting the dispossession of the senior lady, Ms. A allegedly committed contempt of court by not allowing her entry.


On August 20, 2022, Hon’ble J.M.F.C. Court Smt. R.V. Dafrey passed an order against the daughter-in-law and granddaughter. However, the violation persisted, leading Mrs. A to approach the court again. Hon’ble JMFC Court Amrit C. Birajdar, in response, imposed a penalty of ₹1 Lakh against Mrs. S. Additionally, a monthly penalty of ₹25,000 was ordered for the continued violation. The court directed the Yerwada Police Station to provide protection and ensure the entry of Mrs. A within fifteen days.


Legal representation for Mrs. A was provided by a team of dedicated lawyers, including Adv Tosif C Shaikh, Asha Jadhav, Adv Swapnil Girme, Adv Kranti Sahane, Adv Nupur Argade, Adv Jyotsna Padghamkar, Adv Suraj Jadhav, Adv Mahesh Gawali, Adv Shivani Gaikwad, and Adv Jaydeep Doke.